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Gabriel. Twenty-six. Resident of Maine.

Persönliche Information
I'm a queer college student. I really like to cook. Learn new languages. Study German and American history.

Watching movies. Reading. Going to concerts. Always having a vintage twist. Debates and protests. Going on random adventures.

Helden/Leute Ich liebe
Heath Ledger. Trent Reznor. Harvey Milk. Oscar Wilde. James Stewart. Audie Murphy. Paul Newman. Jesse Owens.

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Love is love is love.

Genitals do not determine identity
Anatomy is not destiny
1940s, amsterdam, beaches, blue skies, books, bop it, bread, building forts, burritos, call of duty, camping, cheese, cheesecake factory, chinese food, chocolate, civil war, classical music, colonial america, comedy, cooking, disguise glasses, earth, eddie izzard, extreme bocce, foreign films, frank sinatra, ft?, fußball, gay sex, gender neutral, gene kelly, germany, gettysburg, glitter, heath ledger, hippies, hiv/aids awareness, holding hands, holidays, hugs, industrial, inside jokes, italian food, james franco, james stewart, jeopardy, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, judaism, laughing, leisha hailey, lesbians, love, ludacris, m&ms, mac & cheese, male admirer, marriage equality, massages, metal, midnight, military history, military uniforms, mindless self indulgence, mountain dew, movies, mtf, music videos, nachos, navy, new shoes, new york, nine inch nails, nostalgia, old movies, peace, piercings, pizza, playstation, popcorn, protests, psychology, queer as folk, queers, questioning gender, radio, rain, reading, recycling, red skittles, revolutionary war, road trips, root beer, rugby, sailors, school, seinfeld, sherlock holmes, shopping, siberian huskies, sign language, sleepovers, soccer, stalag 17, stretched ears, suspenders, sweater vests, swimming, t-storms, tacos, tanning, tattoos, tennis, the history channel, the tudors, three-piece suits, togas, trans men, transgender, traveling, truth or dare, us history, vacation, velvet goldmine, vests, vintage, walking bare foot, wendys, world war ii, yada yada yada